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Colts Q&A with Jake, Week 3: Chuck and Jacoby

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Week 3 Colts Q&A session.

Posted by Jake Arthur NFL on Sunday, September 24, 2017

Rusty Bulliner (Facebook)

“Do you think Chuck Pagano will be fired before the season is over?”

“Let’s just say if you were the Colts GM and you fired Chuck Pagano today, and you could hire any coach you wanted, who would be the very best fit to bring us back to being a Super Bowl contender again?”

Overall, I do not think that the Colts will fire Chuck Pagano before the season is over. I do think that it’s basically a foregone conclusion that he will be fired following the season and Chris Ballard will be able to bring in his own guy, however. The only way I think Pagano gets fired is if the Colts are just constantly losing games that they should win and continue to get randomly blown out.

Among coaching option, I’ll give you three guys. All are realistic options. Kansas City special teams coordinator Dave Toub, New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. In that order. Ballard knows Toub very well and is a popular “off the radar” candidate. McDaniels and Patricia are both due to get their shot.

Michael Moeller (Facebook)

“Will the Colts be able to hold onto Jacoby Brissett once his contract is up? If not, what should the Colts be able to expect to get in return for him?”

They’ll have as good of a shot as any other team for his services when his contract expires in 2020. If he has one very, very well if Luck misses any other time, Brissett will likely have suitors wanting to pull him away to start for them or to compete to start. In this day in age, it will likely take a high draft pick to pry him away by trade. However, I believe the Colts wants him to be their long-term backup to Luck if he continues to look competent.

*Questions have been edited for clarification.