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Fantasy Football Q&A with Jake, Week 3: Time for the panic button?

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Week 3 Fantasy Football Q&A session.

Posted by Jake Arthur NFL on Sunday, September 24, 2017

Matt Sezginer (Twitter, @Mattsez21)

“My team is a wreck. What’s going on with Cam Newton and LeGarrette Blount? Is T.Y. Hilton worth starting? Is J.J. Nelson worth a spot? Can I trust Sam Bradford?”

  • QB—Cam Newton, Sam Bradford
  • RB—Ezekiel Elliott, Mike Gillislee, Ameer Abdullah, LeGarrette Blount, Marlon Mack
  • WR—TY Hilton, Martavis Bryant, Donte Moncrief, Willie Snead, Kevin White
  • TE—Greg Olsen, Jack Doyle
  • K—Adam Vinatieri
  • DST—Indianapolis Colts

We’re only two weeks in but I agree that you’ve got a handful of guys that have hurt your squad so far. I think Cam Newton will be fine, especially this week against the Saints. He is just getting back into rhythm after offseason shoulder surgery.

I wish I could say the same for LeGarrette Blount. The Eagles just aren’t running it much at all right now, RB’s carrying it just 33 times so far (Blount has 14). You can maybe have him on your bench a couple more weeks and if it’s not looking up by then, cut ties.

I like TY Hilton this week because I think he’s going to have a huge chip on his shoulder. Plus, he gets the Browns defense this week. Overall, he’s shaky until Andrew Luck returns.

J.J. Nelson is most definitely worth a spot on your roster. The Cardinals love to go downfield and with John Brown’s health always in question, Nelson is the main deep threat. Kevin White is out for the year, so you can scrap him.

I think that you can trust Sam Bradford situationally. For starters, I’d like for him to get that knee a bit healthier to where he can practice as much as he’s supposed to. I wouldn’t trust him to have performances every week like he did in Week 1, but I think he is going to be startable most weeks.

Also, note that Greg Olsen is out for several weeks. Jack Doyle is a great placeholder in that time.

David Whiteley (Facebook)

“Who are the top overrated fantasy picks at this point and how much longer is it wise to hold on before letting go? If you want a prime example, compare an A.J. Green to a Christian McCaffrey.”

I hate to call them overrated, so we’ll say that they’ve just underwhelmed to this point. You can definitely throw AJ Green and Christian McCaffrey into the mix. Green is a product of an awful offense brought on by poor QB and offensive line play. McCaffrey just isn’t being used well yet. He needs to get the ball out in space for now, and Carolina’s just not doing that (yet).

I definitely would not let go of either of those players yet. You should sit them on your bench and see if the storm can be ridden out. If we’re still a few weeks down the line and things aren’t going well, see if you can trade them away instead of dropping them.

Outside of those two, consider the following among the most underwhelming to this point: Russell Wilson, Eli Manning, Jordan Howard, Joe Mixon, Eddie Lacy, Bilal Powell, Isaiah Crowell, Brandin Cooks, Doug Baldwin, Terrelle Pryor, Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Jimmy Graham and Tyler Eifert.

#FreeMarlonMack (Twitter, @NateKent_)

“What do you think of dropping Isaiah Crowell for Chris Carson?”

No way, Jose’. I definitely understand the frustration to this point (I’ve got Crowell in a couple leagues as well), but we don’t know enough about Carson yet to do that. As the Browns gel more as a team and are more competitive, they will be able to run the ball more, which will make Crowell much more valuable. I like having Carson on the bench until we know that he is Seattle’s guy for sure.

not yours (Twitter, @NeopetsFAQ)

“Should I bench Frank Gore this week? I am thinking yep.”

It depends on who else you’ve got, but I’m sure you’ve got better options. Frank Gore is very dependent on touchdowns to have fantasy value, as he doesn’t pick up a ton of yards. I’m not saying he won’t score on the Browns, but touchdowns are impossible to predict. If you’ve got a better/safer option, I’d take it.

Garrett Boxall (Twitter, @Mr_Psych_)

“Kenny Golladay or Tevin Coleman in the flex? PPR formatting.”

Tevin Coleman is much likelier to have a big game. Detroit hasn’t made Golladay a featured part of the offense yet so his production will be very hard to predict. We know that running and passing the ball with Devonta Freeman and Coleman is a huge part of Atlanta’s offense.

Ricky Theberge (Facebook)

“Jack Doyle: ya or nay?”

I say “ya”. Tight ends have dominated the Browns so far. Jesse James had 19.1 fantasy points against them in Week 1, and Ravens tight ends combined for 18.6 in Week 2. Doyle has been the most dependable pass-catcher for the Colts’ backup quarterbacks. He is averaging 5.5 targets, 5.0 catches and 60.0 yards per game. Jacoby Brissett will make his second start for the Colts this week, meaning he should be more comfortable and more well-versed in the playbook. The Colts also face a worse defense than they did last week.

*Questions have been edited for clarification.