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Jim Irsay “Troubled by President’s Comments”

Jim Irsay releases statement about recent comments made by the potus

Indianapolis Colts v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

As many of the NFL’s owners, and players, have over the past 24 hours, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay released a statement last night stating that he was troubled by the president’s comments and acknowledged that sports have the unique ability to bring people of vastly different backgrounds and points of view together to work towards a common goal.

Unless you’ve been under a rock somewhere, the man with the most powerful position in America is meddling in the NFL over players protesting during the national anthem. He has stated that owners should “fire or suspend” players who are “disrespecting our flag and country” and for fans to “refuse to go to games” until they stop.

Jim Irsay’s Statement Link

Many owners have spoken about the divisiveness of politics, but that football is a unifier as the ultimate team game. While those weren’t Irsay’s exact written words, the sentiment was the same.

Look, many people hate that players are kneeling, standing with a raised fist or sitting on the bench while the national anthem is being sung. The issue is that everyone has a different direct viewpoint of how disrespectful it may actually be. The point is to get the peaceful protest noticed in a moment to be seen and understood.

On the other hand, not everyone sees it that way. In the end, this is America. Our citizens aren’t forced to think, believe or fall in line to one direction of thinking. That IS what makes our country great. Maybe if we simply accept other’s views or beliefs as theirs, and ours as our own, the rest of life would smooth out considerably.

Shake hands with, or hug someone else. High-five, fist bump, chest bump, chug a beer — I don’t care — and watch the game. Leave your political ideology at home for 3 hours and enjoy yourself. The everyday world is too stressful to bring it into your Sunday enjoyment.