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Colts Cast: Colts Limp Out of Week 3 with 31-28 Win Over Browns

When the Indianapolis Colts lose, it’s easy to be negative. When they win it’s harder, but when the coaching staff employs a coward’s gameplan for the final 30-plus minutes of the game it’s warranted.

Jacoby Brissett did indeed improve from last week, he looked comfortable and his receivers helped him out tremendously in the process. John Simon continues to be a man among men, and the defense turned the Cleveland Browns over 3 times in the process.

There were so many good things about the first half and it was really fun to watch. Really fum. It’s just too bad that wen it came down to brass tax, the offense was limited by the coaching, the defense was coached not to lose and in spite of all that, the Colts pulled out the victory.

Maybe the most annoying part of all of that, was that Chuck Pagano stated in his post game pep talk to the team that “you gotta finish.” Wait, you mean.... well, nevermind, i’ll discuss it on the show.

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