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Colts Cast: Ups and Downs Through Week 3, Updated PFF Grades, Colts News with Brett Mock

Today Stampede Blue Managing Editor Brett Mock joins me on the Colts Cast. Brett and I run through multiple subjects including a discussion on the fan’s reaction to Andrew Luck even stepping foot on the field in a red “no contact” jersey even if he weren’t to touch a football.

We look through the team’s ups and downs through Week 3, in individual focus as well as on each side of the ball as units. More specifically, the Colts offensive line, the defense’s ability to stop the run, who’s been most impressive and how they can improve going forward.

We dig into the Colts latest roster moves, how the Colts may prepare for the Seattle Seahawks following a Colts win and a Seattle loss to the Tennessee Titans and where the Colts may be able to exploit matchups to keep the game within reach.

We’ll also touch on how the Colts can contain Russell Wilson, question how much of a task the Seahawks’ defensive line will be for the Colts and which Colts we expect back in action, and to have some sort of an impact in this matchup.

I’ll also run through the updated Colts Pro Football Focus grades through Week 3, how each player has either improved, or regressed from Week 2 and what to expect in Week 4.

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