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Can the Colts Win on Sunday Night Despite the Opponent, Bad Coaching, and Injuries?

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

All is not lost.

It’s just a drum I’ve chosen to beat in this life.

I refuse to lay down and just say “Okay, it’s over. Time to move on.”

Not until all the cards are on the table and I know for sure that I can’t win.

So, until the Colts have been mathematically eliminated from postseason contention, I’m going to act as if they’ve got a chance in every contest no matter what the oddsmakers and experts say.

Call it blind faith.

This is one of those games where all the money is going to be on the Seahawks to blow the Colts out in CenturyLink Field on Sunday night. I’ve heard nothing but dismissive language regarding this football game and I simply think we’ve got a shot.

Two areas of concern for the Seahawks is the health of their offensive line and the strength of their run defense, both of which are “wavering” so far this season. I’m not at all trying to say the Colts are going to expose the Seahawks and run all over them or that the Colts are the best team at rushing the passer, but I’d say if the Colts continue to build on what happened in the 1st half last week, they’ve shown a dynamic offense that runs through a mobile quarterback and for the first time in a long time, the Colts are generating a bit of a pass rush as well.

One of the things that sticks out to me so far this season is that for the 4th week in a row, the Colts will be facing a team possibly without their best player or one of their best players. This week, the Colts face a Seahawks team that could possibly be without star wide receiver Doug Baldwin among a couple other potentially significant injuries.

Sure, the Colts are without Andrew Luck and Ryan Kelly among others. We already knew that coming into this week. They’re both coming back this season along with a couple of other important players. It was announced on Wednesday that Luck is still a week away from being ready to practice.

It feels like everyone is saying the Colts drop this game at Seattle, beat the 49ers at home and the Colts “start their season” in Week 6 having gone 2-3 on the season at that point against Tennessee with Luck at the helm.

I simply don’t see it as that cut and dry.

What if the Colts are 3-2 when Luck comes back?

I understand that the AFC South is on the upswing, but with the Colts getting healthier as we head towards Luck’s expected return Week 6, the Colts remaining 11 games are the 6 Division games with the difficult non-Division games being home tilts against Pittsburgh and Denver. I see very winnable games against the Bengals, Ravens and Bills.

What kind of record is it going to take to make the Playoffs?

If Luck plays 11 games of this season healthy, the Colts are what— 70% to win on any given Sunday (as opposed to 0% to win with Scott Tolzien or ~50% to win with Jacoby Brissett at the helm for reference).

If the Colts go 7-4 with Luck and went 3-2 without him, that’s a 10-win season, right?

The real question is do we really want to win this year? Do we really want to give Jim Irsay pause on whether or not Chuck Pagano is the head coach of the future?

Do we want greatness at any cost every year or are we willing to lose games if it means a regime change?

What do you think?