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Stampede Blue Community Wagers Competition: Week 4 Colts at Seahawks

Super Bowl LI Proposition Bets At The Westgate Las Vegas Race & Sports SuperBook Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In last week’s inaugural competition, go-luck-yourself was the only community member to get all five wagers correct. To add to that impressive feat, he/or she was the first to comment. The maiden voyage to Sin City was an easy one for go-luck-yourself, but nailing five prop bets is not an easy thing to do.

In general, parlays are difficult but when you’re betting on a couple of teams with a lot of question marks, it becomes a total shot in the dark. Let’s take a look at last week’s action.

Wager number one was merely a question of even or odd on total points. There really isn’t a whole lot to dissect here. The total was 59. Odd

Wager number two was total touchdowns. The over/under was set at 4.5 and after five punts to start the game, the under looked like it was going to be the right choice. How quickly things changed. The Colts put together a really nice drive and scored a touchdown right before the end of the first quarter but then the second quarter happened. The Browns started things off by answering with a touchdown of their own before the Colts followed with three straight touchdown drives. The over was established before the end of the half. Over

Wager number three was total interceptions by the Colts defense. The over/under was set at 1.5 and, similar to wager two, the under seemed like it would be the winner. Again, how quickly things changed. DeShone Kizer hadn’t thrown an interception in the first half but the third quarter was the difference maker.

The Colts defense dared the Browns to beat them through the air and, on their first drive of the second half, Kizer made a costly mistake in the red zone. Rashaan Melvin made a great play on a bad pass and tallied his first career interception. A couple of drives later, Melvin got him again and the over was set.

A player in his fifth season had zero picks and in about seven and a half minutes he had two. The game ended with a pretty weak Hail Mary and Malik Hooker got his second interception of the season and Kizer’s third of the game. Over

Wager number four was a simple yes or no question regarding either defense or special teams scoring a touchdown. There were three interceptions and several punts but no scores. Again, not much to analyze. No

Wager number five was a question regarding which team would score the longer touchdown. It appeared the Browns were the heavy favorite for this and I think there were a number reasons why. In Kizer’s first two starts, he showed he wasn’t afraid to throw the ball downfield, Kenny Britt is a formidable deep threat, Jacoby Brisett and the Colts wide receivers didn’t appear to be on the same page in week two, and the Colts defense had been susceptible to the big play in previous weeks.

However, it was Brissett and the Colts that were able to make the big play on offense when he and TY Hilton hooked up on a really nice catch and run for a 61 yard touchdown. The longest Browns score was a 19 yard run by Duke Johnson. Colts

The tie-breaker wasn’t needed but the official attendance was 63,351.

Congratulations go-luck-yourself. A dominant performance, indeed.

Here are this week’s wagers.

  • Odd/Even total points? Odd/Even
  • Total Passing Touchdowns? Over 3.5/Under 3.5
  • Total sacks by Indy Defense? Over 2.5/Under 2.5
  • Will a special teams or defensive TD be scored? Yes/No
  • Team with longer made field goal? Colts/Seahawks

Tie-Breaker: Official Game Attendance (closest without going over).

Please use this example as the format to wager: Odd. Over. Over. No. Colts. 67,777.

Good luck and happy betting.