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Colts Cast: Week 4 Primer, How to Pull One Out in Seattle

The Indianapolis Colts are heading into a hornets nest as they prepare to face the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Jacoby Brissett is about to embark on the first road start of his young career.

There are some areas of weakness in the Seahawks defense, and the Colts are showing some signs of becoming a promising defense, but the Colts offense has to develop a running game while the Seahawks are weak and have to put four quality quarters together on defense.

Can Brissett last through the first half, without making a mistake that hampers the rest of his game? Can any of the Colts running backs show some sort of electricity in the open field in order to break off some big plays?

Can Chuck Pagano get this team prepared enough to at least compete? Will the coordinators put together a solid gameplan and keep the playcalling aggressive, but intelligent and allow the team to perform quality situational football?

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