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Bold Predictions: Week 4 vs the Seattle Seahawks

Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Last week had me feeling pretty good about both the game and my bold predictions. My third child was born on Saturday and she enjoyed her first Colts victory with me, as I very nearly hit on three out of four of my predictions from last week.

The Colts were able to get 3 picks, Hilton had a great game even if most of it happened in the first half, and if I had worded my prediction for Brissett a bit differently and been slightly more conservative on my yardage total I’d have hit that pick as well. So, I hit .500, which means I’ve got to crank up the boldness for this week’s predictions, and obviously make my daughter watch the game because she might be worth a bit of good luck.

Here are my predictions for this week:

The Colts Defense Outplays Seattle’s Defense

Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

A year ago this wouldn’t have been so much bold as just plain stupid. But this is a new year, and this defense is not the Colts defense of old. The front seven of this team is playing the run better than they have in all the time I’ve been watching the Colts. Given their inexperience, the secondary is stepping up in a big way, and they are getting veteran Vontae Davis back this week.

Add to that a struggling offensive line of the Seahawks, injuries in the backfield and to number one wideout Doug Baldwin, and you have a recipe for a great performance by this Colts defense. Malik Hooker has had a pick in both of the two games he has started, Rashaan Melvin had two last week, and as a team, the Colts are tied for 3rd in the NFL in interceptions through three weeks.

Jacoby Brissett Will Score 4 Touchdowns

Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Brissett looked good against the Browns. It wasn’t just that he looked good against the Browns either. He looked good period. He was efficient, did well getting away from the pass rush, and made good decisions scrambling and passing the ball.

Was he Andrew Luck? No. But he doesn’t have to be. His ability to run as well as make the necessary throws makes him hard to defend and opens the game up for the offense.

Seattle’s defense has shown that as it has aged and it is susceptible to giving up scores in a much less stingy way than past iterations have. When you factor in that their offense has had early struggles, it seems likely that their defense will see the field a lot, which will open the door for Brissett to have a big game. If he is able to perform at a high level against one of the better secondaries in the NFL, the Colts will be able to get even more excited about the quality of backup they have at the position.

T.Y. Hilton Will Burn Richard Sherman for a Score

Seattle Seahawks v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Jonathan Moore/Getty Images

Hilton had a big game last week. While I don’t think he will have the same kind of success against this Seahawks defense, I do think he will get a score on Sherman, who has seemed to spend a lot of time banged up over the last season or two.

While Hilton can sometimes disappear against physical defenses like the Seahawks, I think this is another week where he shows how special he can be and gives Brissett a consistent target who can make plays.

John Simon Will Get Two More Sacks

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Simon has already proven to be an invaluable contributor on this remade Colts defense. He has made a ton of plays in each game and is reliably good, something that couldn’t be said about many Colts defenders for the last several years. I think this game against a terrible offensive line gets him his best outing yet, allowing him to get his 3rd and 4th sacks of the year.

Colts Win by Two Scores

Leading into what should be their toughest game so far this season, the Colts are looking better than they have all year, while the Seahawks have continued to struggle. Big plays early on the offensive side of the ball and some great defensive takeaways will quiet down the 12th Man and let the Colts go to work.

Seattle will move the ball well and keep things close which will force the Colts to remain in their base defense and not the prevent defense that has been such a liability. A couple big plays from Brissett, as well as the defense, will get them a two-score lead late that the Colts won’t let go of.

Feel free to leave your bold predictions in the comments. Just know that “Pagano will get his shoes on the right feet,” doesn’t technically count as a bold prediction for Week 4 (Even if it is clever of you).