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Stampede Blue’s NFL Week 4 Staff Picks

The Stampede Blue staff is back to go in on their picks for Week 4 in the NFL

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Week 4 is upon us and the Stampede Blue crew didn’t do so well last week with our staff picks. Collectively we were 8 of 15 in Week 3, a three-game drop from Week 2, with the best individual correct picks coming from Aziz, Shepherd, Blystone, Malott and Lowry.

The good news is we are getting our second early game from London to wake up to, and there are 6 divisional games to look forward to. The LA Rams and Dallas Cowboys should be an interesting matchup with Jerry’s ‘Boys coming down to Earth a bit from last season and the Rams having a much improved running and passing game to add to their impressive defense.

The Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings may be one of the games that poses the best potential for a great game to take in. The Lions are showing real signs of growth this season and the Vikings have proven they can win without Sam Bradford under center.

The Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos certainly draw some real interest as both teams took bad losses in Week 3 and will be anxious to show out in an important divisional matchup. Additionally, we have the battle of the ‘oh-fers’ with the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals. Hopefully that turns into something at least worth watching.

Our Indianapolis Colts are traveling to face the Seattle Seahawks for the nightcap with the Colts being nearly a two-touchdown underdog. The Colts have improved without question, and the Seahawks have some issues that they’ll be trying to work through as well so this could be a little more entertaining than it’s currently getting credit to be.

This week the following contributors voted on each game: Brett Mock, Matt Danely, Josh Hudgens, Faraz Majid, Chris Blystone, Andrew Aziz, Stephen Reed, Chris Shepherd, Jared Malott and Mark Lowry. Again, our group voted ‘winners’ which have been bolded, with the vote counts in parenthesis and unanimous predictions were noted by an asterisk (*).

This week with 10 voters, we had a couple ties. In those cases we went with the home team as a default option for our group vote.

Thus far the staff’s numbers are: Faraz Majid – 19/29 (65.5%) | Brett Mock – 25/44 (56.8%) | Chris Blystone – 27/44 (61.4%) | Matt Danely – 24/44 (54.5%) | Andrew Aziz – 26/44 (59.1%) | Jake Arthur – 23/44 (52.3%) | Jared Malott – 25/44 56.8%) | Stephen Reed – 21/44 47.7%) | Chris Shepherd – 19/30 (63.3%) | Josh Hudgens – 8/14 (57.1%) | Mark Lowry — 8/15 (53.3%)

Sunday @9:30 AM ET

Saints (7) Vs Dolphins | Contrarians: Chris Shepherd, Chris Blystone and Faraz Majid

Sunday @1:00 ET

Jaguars* @ Jets

Steelers (6) @ Ravens | Contrarians: Mark Lowry, Blystone, Shepherd and Majid

Lions (9) @ Vikings | Contratians: Lowry

Bills @ Falcons*

Panthers @ Patriots*

Titans (6) @ Texans | Contrarians: Jared Malott, Brett Mock, Majid and Lowry

Bengals @ Browns (5/5) | Contrarians: Stephen Reed, Josh Hudgens, Majid, Malott and Mock

Rams @ Cowboys (9) | Contrarian: Shepherd

Sunday @ 4:05 ET

Eagles (6) @ Chargers | Contrarians: Hudgens, Aziz, Lowry and Shepherd

49ers @ Cardinals (9) | Contrarian: Shepherd

Giants @ Buccaneers (8) | Contrarians: Hudgens and Lowry

Sunday @ 4:25 ET

Raiders @ Broncos (6) | Contrarians: Mock, Aziz, Reed and Hudgens

Sunday @ 8:30 ET

Colts @ Seahawks (5/5) | Contrarians: Malott, Aziz, Reed, Hudgens and Blystone

Monday @ 8:30 ET

Redskins @ Chiefs*

Please share your thoughts in the comments to let us know what your picks are for these Week 4 matchups.