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Ballard: Ryan Kelly is “close”

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Today in GM Chris Ballard’s press conference, he was asked multiple questions about how the offensive line shook out through roster cuts. One of the most notable was a question that involved an inquisition as to what the release of former Indianapolis Colts center Brian Schwenke meant for the unit going forward.

Ballard was asked if that move was an indication as to how Ryan Kelly was progressing through his rehab from surgery. Ballard replied ‘Yes, he’s [Kelly] close, that’s also an indication of [how we feel about] (Deyshawn) Bond.”

Ballard was adamant that Bond has come in and practice and started in the preseason and has done very well. Kelly on the other hand, wasn’t expected back so soon. Even modest expectations, initially, was that Kelly wouldn’t return until around Week 4.

This is great news for the Colts offensive line. The group has had a lot of moves in the past couple months due to injuries, poor play and trying to find the right fit for players.

With this good news, Kelly’s situation appears to be one that we’ll need to start monitoring closely as a return to action could come sooner rather than later.