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SBCL: Colts Focus on Pressure, Protection in Latest Mock Drafts

Texas Tech v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

NFL mock draft 2018: Predicting first round, top players for the 2018 NFL Draft (1/15/2018)
With the college football season in the books and the NFL playoffs under way, it's time to look ahead to 2018 NFL Draft. Plenty of elite players have alre

NFL mock draft 2018: First-round projections, top players, 2018 NFL Draft order (01/15/2018)
NFL Draft 2018 is closer, with the NFL Playoffs in the conference championship round. Find the 2018 NFL mock draft below. Much of the narrative around the

2018 NFL Mock Draft: Matt Miller's Latest Picks Entering AFC, NFC Title Games | Bleacher Report
The first step for a mock draft is to update player rankings and team needs. Then sit down, go through the draft order and assign the best players at a value or need to those teams...

2018 NFL Mock Draft: Predictions for Top Prospects Entering Championship Week | Bleacher Report
Only four teams remain in the hunt for the Super Bowl, which means 28 franchises are focused on the future...