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Colts May Lose Out on McDaniels to Titans with Mularkey Firing

New England Patriots v Detroit Lions

Some recent news with the firing of Mike Mularkey in Tennessee may send the Indianapolis Colts looking for their second option to fill their head coaching vacancy. Adam Schefter is reporting, both, that Mularkey is out with the Titans and that Josh McDaniels now becomes the favorite to take that job.

Obviously there’s a bit more stable situation at quarterback with Marcus Mariota being healthy surrounding all of the questions about Andrew Luck. Otherwise, there’s a close connection between McDaniels and Titans GM Jon Robinson from his days in New England and there is a natural reason to believe that they would be on the same level with most aspects of the coach/GM relationship.

This may leave the Colts with just Mike Vrabel to nab for the job if you believe reports of the team being down to their final two in the process. This certainly throws a wrench into the carousel that is the head coaching circuit, and who’s expected to go where.

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