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Colts Position Coaches Continue Exodus as New Coaching Staff Forms

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

When an NFL franchise brings in a new head coach, it is expected that there will be a lot of new faces brought on as position coaches. Typically there are at least a couple of coaches who the new regime keeps around, potentially for their expertise and suitability for at a specific position and how they fit inside the vision of the new staff or maybe due to familiarity and lacking a better option right away.

Either way, some of the Colts most highly regarded position coaches are officially making their way onto other teams. We already saw Joe Philbin leave for the Packers and Greg Williams and Tom McMahon for the Broncos. This week there are other big names making their way out the door.

Brian Schottenheimer

Quarterbacks coach Brian Schottenheimer was one of the current coaches who seemed to have a strong chance to stick around. He did a great job with Andrew Luck in 2016, is still young, and has a lot of experience. With McDaniels looking to potentially add Jake Peetz — who was also on Sean McVay’s radar as he took over in Los Angeles — he might have a different direction he wants to go. Maybe Peetz will serve as offensive coordinator and QB coach.

Either way, the Seattle Seahawks are shaking things up this year under Pete Carroll and he thought enough of Andrew Luck’s latest QB coach to bring him in as the offensive coordinator. We wish him the best of luck in Seattle.

Sanjay Lal

After the Colts stole away Dallas’ linebackers coach to as their new defensive coordinator, the Cowboys officially struck back today by hiring wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal. While Lal only spent one season in Indianapolis, he was highly regarded when he joined the staff and would would have also been no surprise to stick around. Given that this is a lateral move, one has to imagine that McDaniels intends to go in a different direction -- or at least that keeping Lal was not on his list of priorities.

Gary Emanuel

Gary Emanuel is a respected NFL defensive line coach and has over three decades of coaching experience. He has been in his current role in Indianapolis for 6 years and helped coach a defensive line that showed significant improvement from 2016. He already survived major coaching overhauls that took place during Chuck Pagano’s tenure and certainly could have been on McDaniels’ list to retain. While nothing is official yet, he could join Philbin in Green Bay.