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SBCL: Irsay insists that Luck will return and make history

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NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

KRAVITZ: Optimistic Irsay insists(!!) Luck will be fine – and other notes on the Colts’ coaching search | 13 WTHR Indianapolis
My brain hurts, and it has absolutely nothing to do with any New Year’s Eve revelry.

Colts fired coach Chuck Pagano, who left on his terms
Colts coach Chuck Pagano was fired after Sunday's game, ending a six-year run

Colts’ Jim Irsay on Andrew Luck: ‘You guys don’t know the fire that’s burning’ in his eyes | CBS 4 - Indianapolis News, Weather, Traffic and Sports | WTTV INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The occasion primarily was to address a head coaching vacancy, one created when Jim Irsay decided enough was enough with Chuck Pagano.

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay says new coach will have health Andrew Luck
Colts owner Jim Irsay feels strongly that the team's new coach will have a healthy Andrew Luck to work with.

With Luck, Colts hope to land right fit at head coach | Sports |
It should come as no surprise Monday's season-ending news conference for the Colts evolved into an examination of Andrew Luck's health.

Colts: Jim Irsay on Andrew Luck: '107-degree fever for success'
Irsay wants you to know he wasn’t selling false hope, that Andrew Luck will be Andrew Luck again.

Do you believe him?

Colts: Pretty sure I know who Chris Ballard will hire as coach
Ballard’s good, OK? Which means he trusts his instincts. And since the day before he was hired, his instinct was to replace Chuck Pagano with Dave Toub

Realistic Colts Head Coaching Options | 1070 the Fan

As the Indianapolis Colts embark on a search for a new head coach, who are some realistic head coaches that Jim Irsay and Chris Ballard could be pursuing?

Chris Ballard, Jim Irsay lay out plan for hiring next Colts coach
In a at-times bizarre news conference, the Colts owner gets a bit heated.

What Should Colts Be Looking For In Next Head Coach? | 1070 the Fan

With the Chuck Pagano era over in Indianapolis, what should the Colts be looking for in their next head coach?

Twitter has fun with Colts season-ending news conference
Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay passionately answers Gregg Doyel's question

Grilled Cheese, Tomato Soup and the Great Coach Chuck Pagano | LinkedIn

We measure the greatness of a coach by wins and losses. The legacy of a team leader is etched in statistics, in championships, in victories and longevity. It’s measured by banners and trophies and men in yellow jackets singing their praises as they are inducted into the hallowed halls of fame, honored with bronze busts that mark the passage of time and retired numbers that frame the rows of the cheap seats.

They aren’t measured in tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, but that’s how they should be.