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Does Bradley Chubb Deserve the Hype for Colts First Pick of 2018 Draft?

Matt Danely looks at the top Edge prospect’s tape to see if the hype fits the product

NCAA Football: Boston College at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts and Chris Ballard have the vision to build this roster for the 2018 season, but also are looking to create much needed depth at multiple positions for the organization’s future. Most of the mock drafts that will come out between now and the NFL draft will have the Colts selecting Bradley Chubb out of NC State in order to net a pure edge rusher and create a significant higher rate of pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

There are multiple ‘need’ areas on this roster, but if we assume that Ballard’s approach is one of consistency and not one that changes from draft-to-draft, his focus for each selection will be to target the best player available on the board outside of a first-round quarterback. A leaky offensive line? Yep. An inconsistent pass rush? That too. A lack of young depth in the backfield? That’s right. It doesn’t matter if all of these apply if the Colts bring in free agents to vastly improve one or the other — Ballard is grabbing the top talent available.

When looking at a guy like Chubb, he fits nearly every aspect of what the Colts are looking for. The Colts need a top-level pass rusher, and he’ll likely be extremely high on the second-year GM’s big board of top talent for the upcoming draft.

First understand his measurables. Chubb is listed at 6-foot-4, and roughly 275 pounds so you’ll want to pay attention to how agile and quick he is in the video below. But, his stats pop off the page as well. In the last two seasons he’s amassed 20 sacks and 44 tackles for loss and 128 total tackles. This looks nice on paper, but you’ll want to see it for yourself.

With Chubb bringing a heavy feeling of a ‘can’t miss’ prospect, I decided to go into some of his available game tape that’s out there and narrate some of what I’m seeing in order to convey my opinions on his play.

So, is he one of those prospects from this pool of players who should be expected to be great out of the gate and be able to maintain that level of play for several years? Is he a guy who can not only affect the game for the Colts right now, but develop and improve over time to bolster an anemic Colts pass rush?

Here’s what I think, let us know what you think in the poll below the video link.

Note: Check your volume before watching, I may have recorded it a bit high.


Is Bradley Chubb a ‘can’t miss prospect’ for the Colts first-round draft selection?

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