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Colts Cast: Deciding on Colts In-House Free Agents; Edge Rusher’s Film Review

We often attempt to bypass thinking about the Indianapolis Colts in-house free agents this time of year and head straight to thinking about who the Colts should bring in, and draft in late April.

We also make snap assessments of how important some of those ‘aging’ players could be even in the midst of a youth movement on the roster. Despite having a couple young players to deal with within this group, they aren’t sure things to be brought back, and some of those closing in on 30 — or even past it — aren’t sure things to walk either.

Today I give my thoughts on each of the Colts in-house free agents as well give my explanations as to why I’d keep them or allow them to hit the street. Rashaan Melvin and Donte Moncrief have to be two of the largest looming decisions for the second-year GM Chris Ballard.

In the second half of the show, I give my notes and analysis of a handful of edge rushers that I have studied over the past several days including: Harold Landry, Duke Ejiofor, Tyquan Lewis and Justin Lawler among a others.

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