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Division II Product Alex Cappa Becoming Hot Name, Could be Nice Day-2 Option for Colts

As the Reese’s Senior Bowl practices continue, and new prospects become more notable due to the coverage, the NFL Draft gets every fan base feeling some kind of way about a handful of them. Some get noticed early and fizzle out, while others creep on the process then impress during the game.

Just like every year, we’re beginning to see what these prospects look like against the rest of the talent that the Senior Bowl brings in. There have already been some interesting takeaways from players who are in positions of need for the Indianapolis Colts, especially from some of the larger programs in the country.

However, one of the hotter names being thrown around is that of another small school riser, and he just so happens to be an offensive lineman. Alex Cappa is from a Division II school, hasn’t been spoken about up to this point from the national media as far as I can tell and is doing more than just showing the necessary points of reference for those in attendance in Mobile.

Naturally, I was curious to watch his available tape and here’s a brief cut-up of what I found.

The Humboldt State product has been getting a ton of attention over the past 48 hours and from what I’ve gained, he’s earned it honestly. Joe Marino, who recently joined the Colts Cast and gave us some names to keep an eye on previous to the Senior Bowl, has been very impressed with Cappa’s showing.

From Marino’s most recent write up in Mobile where he gives rapid reactions to Day 2:

I have to say just from watching what I could find on him, the violence that Marino and so many others speak about in Cappa’s play is immediately evident. He’s eager to become a blocker at the second level as well as out into the flat on WR screens, he has good feel to mirror the rusher in his pass sets and is an absolute finisher.

Of course there are flaws in some aspects of his game, but it doesn’t appear that his impressive play was all about the talent level that he was facing in the D-II ranks. He’s been taking on some big names in Mobile, and has been forcing those of us who are following the developments to take notice.

Several attending the Senior Bowl certainly are.

Cappa’s 6-foot-7, 300-pound frame is one that most GMs, and quarterbacks alike, dream about if he talent matches the size. While I don’t think that Cappa is a first-round draft pick, yet, he certainly looks to be a viable option on Day 2 and could allow the Colts some room to use their other draft picks on a pass rusher and additional needs on the defensive side of the ball.

Now, just to show the other side of the prospect, after all it’s not all dominance for the small-school standout. Rather this is exactly what Cappa needs, to see talent as good or better than he’s ever lined up across from in order to grow and learn.

Also, just a note, before judging the loss on this rep to Kylie Fitts (Utah), understand that he’s pretty good himself. Whether or not Cappa ends up on the Colts list to target as the draft nears, he certainly looks like he’s worth the consideration for the Colts staff in the meantime.