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Nothing Beats Chips and Buffalo Chicken Dip as a Super Bowl Snack

There is something about the Super Bowl, played during the winter months, that feels different from every other major sporting event. Located in Indianapolis, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy major sporting events. Many of those events are clearly more fun if you go to the event. Regular season games, particularly ones that aren’t against marquee opponents, are more fun to attend in person and enjoy the tailgating beforehand — or even watching the game from outside the stadium while the tailgate rolls on.

If you want to experience the Indianapolis 500, you should go to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, consider camping out, and go multiple days to get the full feel. If you want to enjoy a hockey or baseball game, it is far more enjoyable go to the rink or the park. Stadiums aside, there is almost always a major downside to these events. The Indianapolis 500 is typically super hot and crowded and you have to carry heavy coolers for what can be miles to get into the infield. Tailgating gets unpleasant later in the NFL season.

The Super Bowl? Everyone knows it is way too cold to be outside. People host Super Bowl parties inside, at homes, bars, or other venues. People come together for a variety of reasons. Some are really are interested in the outcome of the game, some care about the half time show, and some don’t want to miss the commercials. No matter what else brings people together for the Super Bowl, the universal draw has to be the food.

You can count on a pretty diverse and tasty menu, no matter what your diet is and no matter what tickles your taste buds. Some common items include buffalo wings, chili, jalapeño poppers, deviled eggs, pulled pork sandwiches, party mix, sliders, nachos, pigs in a blanket, potato skins, guacamole, chips and dip, and pizza. Some people will have vegetable trays, summer sausage, cheese and deli meat platters, and a variety of other tasty snacks.

No matter how many options there are and no matter how much people will try a bit of everything, no food is more popular and is consumed faster than buffalo chicken dip. It is one of the most diverse items at the party because you can dip just about anything in it and some people will eat some by itself. Dip some chips, celery, crackers, put it on your slider, pulled pork, and even enjoy it with the poppers.

It tastes particularly good with beer, if that is something you’re into, and is just hot enough to keep the drinks flowing — always drink responsibly. I know, for me, it is one of the few universal snack foods that can be served as legitimate part of a meal or make bland snacks into something much better.


Jared Malott - Buffalo chicken dip
Jake Arthur - Buffalo chicken dip with “meaty nacho cheese dip” a close second
Chris Blystone - Chili
Chris Shepherd - Sliders - any kind, any meat, any sauce
Stephen Reed - My wife’s spinach and artichoke dip
Andrew Aziz - Chicken wings with very hot sauce
Matt Danely - Pulled pork sandwiches with cabbage slaw and hot wings

What is your favorite Super Bowl food?