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Colts Cast: Josh McDaniels is Hiring into Perfect Ballard-Irsay Support Structure

Chris Blystone joins Matt Danely to talk about why Josh McDaniels has everything in place to be in a better situation than he was in Denver in his first HC go-round

There are more questions than answers right now for a healthy section of the Indianapolis Colts fan base with the expected hiring of Josh McDaniels. His days in Denver, and one season as OC with the St. Louis Rams have stained his potential as a head coach for many, but the situation he is hiring into in Indianapolis should have a far better support structure.

McDaniels won’t be handed the keys to the organization, first and foremost. Jim Irsay trusts his GM as well as Ballard’s vision and ability to understand who he would work well with and McDaniels will have a bonafide franchise quarterback in Andrew Luck to work with as well.

Chris Blystone touched on a lot of these topics in his latest piece about the outlook of the Colts next head coach, and we talked at length about it on today’s Colts Cast. We also dive into what everything involved means for the Colts offense in the near future, and how expectations must not be about next year, rather the vision for long term success needs to be the focus of the fan base.

We spoke about focus towards the upcoming free agency period as well as the draft and how McDaniels could make a huge dent earlier than most expect.

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