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Colts New Coaching Regime Beginning to Take Shape Amid Wait for McDaniels Formality

While the Indianapolis Colts await officially making Josh McDaniels their next head coach, his supporting staff is beginning to take shape

New York Jets v St Louis Rams Photo by Al Pereira/New York Jets/Getty Images

Despite not being able to hire Josh McDaniels as the Indianapolis Colts next head coach until after the Super Bowl, it appears that in the meantime the new coaching staff is coming together. There are a ton of hires yet to be made, but some of the key pieces to McDaniels new regime reportedly are in place.

Dave DeGuglielmo, who has an extensive history coaching offensive lines in, both, college and the pros, is the latest to come aboard reportedly to be the offensive line coach. This sets the Colts up with their new offensive and defensive coordinators, as well as the line coaches for each unit as well.

DeGuglielmo spent 11 years in the college ranks and another 13 years with 5 different NFL organizations. The news of this latest hire puts even further weight behind the report that the meeting with the threesome of Chris Ballard, Jim Irsay and McDaniels went as well as expected and that any apprehension about the validity of the expectations of McDaniels accepting the position can be pushed aside.

Once the hire can be made official, McDaniels and the Colts can begin to put the surrounding cast around this core staff and prepare for the remainder of the offseason. It will be very interesting to find out what schemes will be in place, the Colts free agent targets who will be targeted to fill pertinent roles and begin the process of elimination as we attempt to analyze their vision for the 2018 NFL draft.