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Colts Cast: Colts Head Coach Interviews Have Begun; Predicting Wild Card Weekend

The Indianapolis Colts have begun their process of getting candidates for their head coaching vacancy in the building for interviews. Josh McDaniels who was supposed to meet with Colts brass Thursday (today) reportedly met with them last night, and Kris Richard (DC of the Seattle Seahawks) is set to do the same Friday.

This, the first two of several who have received requests, are just the beginning of an extensive search for the right coach to lead the Colts into the future. Chris Ballard has said that he feels that anyone coming to the Colts specifically for Andrew Luck is not the right guy, and on the other side of that, anyone who would pass due to speculation on his shoulder would also fall into that category of who he doesn’t want for the job.

Also, I predict Wild Card weekend and take a look at the matchups that those predictions would set up for the Divisional Round of playoff games.

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