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Colts Cast: Will Colts HC Candidates Suffer From Losses in Wild Card Round?

Throughout the beginning of the playoffs on Wild Card weekend, we got a front-row view of two of the Indianapolis Colts head coach candidates and a small piece of what we might expect of them should they land the job.

As many are beginning to establish their opinions of how responsible each of them might be for their respective team’s loss this weekend, we discuss what Chris Ballard might be looking at when making his decision for the Colts future.

Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

Matt Nagy’s play-calling has fallen under major scrutiny as the Chiefs failed to put any points on the board in the second half against the heavy underdog Titans. Colts fans could understandably feel a little sideways about that considering they were all witnesses to an absolutely awful second-half Colts offense this season.

Carolina Panthers training camp Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer/TNS via Getty Images

Also, Steve Wilks’ Panthers defense allowed 31 points to the Saints in their Wild Card loss. But, should he be perceived negatively with his unit allowing just 10 points in the second half against a future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees?

Additionally, we take a look at the Colts former GM Bill Polian and his remarks about the Colts current head coach search and how he sees the combination of Jim Irsay and Chris Ballard getting their guy, and the process it entails.

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