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Colts ST Coach Tom McMahon Reportedly Headed to Broncos

The Indianapolis Colts have lost their best coordinator to the Denver Broncos

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts

In the wake of Chuck Pagano being fired, the Indianapolis Colts position coaches and coordinators have slowly began to receive interest from other teams. Joe Philbin is reportedly considered to be a favorite for the Packers’ OC position, and former TE’s coach Jim Hostler has also moved on to Green Bay.

However, earlier today former Colts punter Pat McAfee broke that Indianapolis has lost one of their better coordinator in Tom McMahon, the team’s special teams coordinator.

McMahon has had the Colts units in the top-10 of the league 4 of his 5 years (according to Football Outsiders) in that position and was one of the favorites to be kept around by the incoming coaching staff. These things are never a certainty of course, so you have give McMahon credit for getting his in the face of so many questions throughout a coaching transition.

Maybe this leads to some added weight given to the hopes of Dave Toub getting an interview and becoming the favorite for the Colts job, but more than likely it’s just attrition at work. Whoever the incoming head coach is, he’s going to have one fewer good options from the previous staff to hang on to, and in a season with a whole lot of bad, the Colts special teams likely kept them in more games than they deserved.