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Film Room: Quenton Nelson Bonus Pass Blocking vs. New York Jets

Indianapolis Colts v New York Jets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Although we already examined Quenton Nelson’s performance against the pass and in the running game, I thought it would be interesting to share additional clips from Week 6. The process I use to identify film, which I share in our film room series, includes watching every offensive down at least twice on’s Game Pass. Coach’s film includes a sideline view of each play and an end zone view.

I try to pull all of the potentially relevant or useful clips pertaining specifically to Nelson from each game. The result is that I have numerous clips to watch two or three more times to organize, name, edit, upload to YouTube and ultimately convert to GIF image. Then I have to write the story and provide commentary.

The upside of this process is that I hope it helps the Colts fan base have a better basis for its opinions. It is difficult to zero in on a single player during the game because there is so much going on and because broadcast film angles follow the ball. Having the opportunity to slow things down a bit, get a better camera angle, and focus on a specific player tends to create more informed opinions and remove a bit of emotion.

However, I acknowledge that readers have to trust that my process is good enough to provide an accurate picture in only a handful of clips from each game. It’s reasonable for readers to wonder whether I actually offer the best plays or hide those that don’t fit my narrative.

In the interest of transparency, I put in extra time this week breaking down the rest of the clips that didn’t make the cut for either of my film room pieces. It will push our play total to 29 offensive plays out of 66.

I hope you enjoy the clips that didn’t make the cut and that it helps provide some reference for my process.

This plays shows Henry Anderson (#96) slanting to Nelson’s (#56) A-gap and Ryan Kelly (#78) not doing a tremendous job of staying in front of him. Kelly clearly expected that Nelson would be there but with two defenders representing a possible blitz from the left side, he took an initial zone blocking step to his left.

By the time Nelson was able to get back to help with Anderson, Kelly was falling to the ground and Nelson got away with a hold by grabbing Anderson’s torso and pulling him away from the pocket. This clip wasn’t included because Ryan Kelly is responsible for Anderson here and there was no hold call on Nelson.

The Jets attempt to slant right with Leonard Wiliams (#92) and Anderson. Nelson allows Anderson to run himself out of his zone and into Anthony Castonzo (#74). He keeps his eyes and feet active and sees no one coming into his gap from the second level. As a result, he comes over to help Kelly and put a shot on Leonard. This is an example of a very clean pocket for Luck.

I didn’t include this clip in the film room piece because it more illustrative of Kelly’s abilities and Nelson has no one to block for much of the snap. It is good awareness and teamwork but not necessarily a highlight of Nelson individually.

Nelson shuts down Anderson’s lateral move and shoves him wide of the pocket. Luck steps up into a ton of space and gets a clean throw away.

Nelson meets Anderson and forces him to the inside and out of Andrew Luck’s face. Williams ends up releasing from Kelly and puts a hit on Luck. Interestingly, part of the reason Williams is able to get off of his block is because Nelson drives Anderson so hard into Kelly that he is knocked backward.

Either way, Nelson does a nice job here and Williams is unable to get to Luck in time.

Nelson does a nice job of passing Anderson off to his outside and maintaining the balance he needs to shut down the stunt. Brandon Copeland (#51) tries to throw a good initial punch on a bull rush attempt but Nelson deflects him away and keeps Luck clean for an easy pass down the field.

This clip didn’t make the cut because we already have plenty of examples of how Nelson dealt with stunts and bull rushes from the second level. Additionally, Copeland is a fine player but I’d rather highlight clips against players with more notoriety.

Nelson smoothly transitions on another stunt attempt and effortlessly keeps pressure from invading the pocket here. This is a quick two step drop for Luck anyway so there’s not a great deal of action.

Nelson does a fine job of deflecting Anderson’s initial contact but receives a lot of help from Kelly and ends up moving away to help Castonzo. The ball is out before he has a meaningful impact on the outside. This is a positive pass blocking snap for the left side of the line but Nelson plays only a bit role in the outcome here.

Nelson does a reasonably good job of blocking Mike Pennel (#98) on this goal line passing play. He does back into the pocket but it is pressure from Copeland coming from around the edge on the right side that causes Luck to set quickly, pump and fire. If Copeland wasn’t there, Pennel and Nelson wouldn’t have been relevant.

Ultimately, there is pressure and hit on this rep but I didn’t see the pressure as Nelson’s primary responsibility. I do believe that Hewitt should have put a body on Copeland as he released into the flat. If he had, Luck has room to work and can make a more accurate throw.

Finally, Nelson takes on another bull rush attempt from Jeremiah Attaochu (#55) and completely shuts it down. He does have to re-anchor a couple of times to finish out the block but keeps the pressure out of the pocket and gives Luck time to make a clean throw.


Upon another review of the clips I pulled from the Colts offensive snaps against the Jets, I see one clip that could have arguably been included. The clip against Pennel on the goal line involves numerous angles of pressure and influence but it fairly can be listed as one of the weaker pass blocking snaps of Nelson’s day.

I weigh that against 8 other positive snaps and I feel relatively good about my choices overall. Either way, hopefully the additional clips provide a better look into how Nelson performed against the Jets and help shed light on my the process when I choose clips for the film room feature each week.