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“The Rivalry is Back On” Fan T-Shirt

Chris Ballard reacted to Josh McDaniels’ last minute decision to back out on his verbal agreement with the kind of professionalism and finesse of a seasoned veteran in only his second off-season as general manager. He wish McDaniels the best in his future but made it clear that the way he handled his business would not be forgotten. He gave the Colts fan base something to rally behind and another reason in a list that is quite long to look forward to Thursday night’s game in Foxborough.

“The Rivalry is Back On.”

In order to commemorate Ballard’s words and to reflect the “competitiveness” of the entire Colts fan base, Stampede Blue and BreakingT collaborated to design a t-shirt. Prices have dropped to $15 and a portion of the proceeds go to support the Stampede Blue writing team as we continue working to provide the Colts fan community with a voice.

Please visit breakingT to place your order.