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Colts fans see confidence surge after the beatdown of the Bills

Buffalo Bills v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

With a win against the lowly Bills, this week’s FanPulse survey revealed that Colts fans have had a huge injection of confidence heading into the coming weeks. While the season has been relatively steady in terms of fan confidence about this team’s direction, the loss to the Jets certainly put a bit of a dent in that confidence.

So why the big boost when all they did was beat a bad team? Well there is good reason for it. The Bills’ defense has been a pretty solid unit in the league this season. They’ve been saddled with a historically bad offense, and that has been a major reason for the team’s struggles.

The Colts offense showed up on Sunday and absolutely embarrassed them by racking up 220 yards on the ground and controlling the game from start to finish. Andrew Luck finished with 4 touchdown passes, no interceptions, and the Colts gave up no sacks for the second consecutive week since seeing starting left tackle Anthony Castonzo return.

While the defensive performance was impressive, it is tougher to take a lot from that given the impotence of the Bills’ offense. However, the domination of a good defense is notable, and Colts fans clearly are seeing a different looking offense as they begin to get their playmakers back.

That surge of confidence is certainly aided by the floundering of divisional rivals elsewhere as well. The Jaguars have scored 14 points total over their last two games and don’t have any clear reason to expect dramatic improvement in the near future. Their fans are understandably listless.

The Titans have also dropped 3 straight and look like a mess. Despite losing 3 straight games including a loss to the Chargers in London, Titans fans experienced a surge of confidence as they head into their bye week.

This is undoubtedly due to the knowledge that this is the one week left on their schedule where they can guarantee they won’t lose a game.

When you add the struggles of the division in with some very encouraging trends on the Colts’ roster, it makes a lot of sense that fans would be right back to believing that this team is on the right track. Whether that translates this season to playoff hopes or not is largely irrelevant. We are seeing a renewed team with a clear vision, and the teams in this division that stood in the way of the Colts are starting to show the cracks in their facade.