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3 Reasons why the Raiders will lose to the Colts on Sunday

Courtesy of Silver and Black Pride

NFL: International Series-Oakland Raiders Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Colts head on the road this weekend to take on the Oakland Raiders in their last game before the bye week. To prepare for that, I asked Levi Damien of Silver and Black Pride to give us three reasons why the Raiders would lose Sunday, and I provided him the same for the Colts. Thanks to Levi for giving us a closer look at this Raiders team and helping set our expectations for Sunday!

Team disarray

I can’t recall the last time I have seen such discontent in a Raiders team. Players are requesting trades and releases and outside of a few steadfast supporters, it seems the players who remain are not happy with the leadership. Trading away Khalil Mack was the first big pillar to come down and that happened before the season opener. But even then, there was hope that they could get by. That hope is lost and players are angry. They have every right to be angry too. This is not how a team should function, and based on how they have performed the past two weeks, they aren’t functioning.

No pass rush

The Raiders have the worst pass rush in the league. It was to be expected. Even with Khalil Mack, they were at or near the bottom of the league in sacks. Now they are by far the worst team in the league, with just 30 pressures according to Pro Football Focus. No other team has fewer than 52 pressures. That lack of pass rush effects every facet of the defense. Most notably the defensive backs who will inevitably give up big plays because they can’t cover every receiver for an indefinite amount of time. The corners are supposed to be a strong point and they might be, but they don’t stand a chance getting no help from the pass rush. Andrew Luck will have all day to throw and his receivers will be able to run around and find open space for him.

No pass game

The pass game stinks from top to bottom. From the play of Derek Carr, to the lack of talent at receiver, to starting rookies at both tackle spots. Trading away Amari Cooper means they have no number one receiver and even he was not a great number one. Tight end Jared Cook is the best weapon now. Marshawn Lynch is on IR which means there Carr and the offense won’t get much help from the ground game. Not to mention Marshawn was outstanding in pass pro and all the other backs they have are mighty mites who are lacking the in that department. It’s not a pretty picture to say the least.