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Colts Cast: Examining Patriots ahead of TNF; Matt joins ‘Between the Sidelines’ on SiriusXM

Short week! Well, there’s a lot to talk about in such a condensed week, especially on the Indianapolis Colts side of the equation. The team’s injury report is pretty insane. The Colts actually already have 7 inactives for the game and only 52 on the roster less than 24 hours before game time.

On one end, it’s a plus-minus situation weekly any more and with only having four days between games, this isn’t the ideal point in the season to face the Patriots by any means. The positive shining through those dark clouds: Andrew Luck is NOT on that injury report. And that means hope for this beat up roster.

On the docket today we’re going to discuss the Patriots’ Week 4 game against the Miami Dolphins to see what we can gain from it. There were some definite trends, but on the other hand, Belichick is known to completely scrap those tendencies from one week to the next.

At any rate, we also see some weaknesses and strengths alike from various positions that very well could affect what Frank Reich may attempt to dial up Thursday night. Their offense featured some very interesting personnel groupings in this one as well. What I saw from both sides of the ball in a nutshell, and how the Colts can try to combat their current situation within these matchups.

In the second half of the show, I joined the guys of the Vegas Stats and Information Network on “Between the Sidelines” with Matt Youmans on Sirius XM Radio (@VSiNLive) Wednesday evening, and they were gracious enough to allow me to use their audio on this show.

We talked a little about everything including the Colts injury situation at some key positions, specifically Anthony Castonzo and if he’ll play Thursday. The question of whether or not the Colts could get blown out is brought up, how to figure out the eye test with the Colts’ offense with so many ups and downs also becomes a valid question going forward.

Additionally, we talk about how the offense and defense have almost completely switched expectations through the first four weeks of the season and how Darius Leonard has energized this defense in the meantime. There is much more from this conversation on ‘Between the Sidelines’ in the second half of the show.

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