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Colts Rookie Quenton Nelson becomes first guard ever to win Rookie of the Month

The Colts offensive line has been completely rebuilt this season. It looks like a whole new unit and that change started with the Colts 6th overall pick Quenton Nelson. His efforts have been rewarded as he was named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month for October.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate what the Colts’ first round draft pick has accomplished. In the history of the NFL, no rookie guard has ever won NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month.

Quenton Nelson started his season off against some of the toughest defensive linemen in the league. He was tried by fire, and has come out the other side hardened and ready for battle. In the month of October the Colts gave up just one sack, against the Patriots, and fell on the missed block by Le’Raven Clark before Anthony Castonzo had returned to the lineup.

To say that Nelson has been perfect is a stretch. He’s been beaten, and he certainly needs to improve. But given that he is a mere 8 games into his young career and has already managed to stonewall some of the league’s best defenders speaks volumes to his potential. By and large, his play has been oustanding.

Nelson’s impact hasn’t been limited to pass protection either. The Colts have put together back to back 220-yard rushing games, and as a team rushed for over 100 yards the week before as well. With starting left tackle Anthony Castonzo now removing a liablity to Nelson’s left side, we may see even better play over the coming weeks.

For those who thought Nelson was not a player not worthy of a 6th overall pick, or that guard is not a position worth investing capital that high, this is further proof that this is not a normal player. Chris Ballard has continued over and over to have the results of his 2018 draft bear immediate fruit, with Nelson’s award standing as the latest example.

Congratulations to Quenton Nelson, hopefully Andrew Luck buys him something nice!