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Colts vs Titans: Q&A With the Enemy

Kind of.

New England Patriots v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Every week we reach out to the blog for the team we will be facing to ask a few questions about the team and give our fans a perspective that is outside of our own. This week, with the Titans on the schedule, I sent an email over to the folks at Music City Miracles to see about doing the same.

I didn’t receive a response from them. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, so I’ll admit that I didn’t get them my questions quite as early in the week as I typically try to do. There are a plethora of reasons why they would not respond, and I think these 4 are the most likely.

First, they may simply have missed my email. It happens. The spam folder is a sneaky beast. Second, they could have received it, but just been too busy to respond. That seems less likely, because even if they hadn’t had time to actually trade questions, they could probably have sent along a, “No, sorry, we’re overloaded this week,” or something similar. Third, perhaps they were just wrapped up re-watching their drubbing of the Patriots on Game Pass and lost track of time. I could certainly sympathize if that were the case. Finally, they could be just incredibly petty and didn’t want to communicate with a Colts site. That certainly is a possibility. Truthfully, I have no idea what happened.

Whatever the reason, I wanted to make sure you here at Stampede Blue were not deprived of some “insider” knowledge of the Titans before we face them. That’s when I reached out to my good friend Stephen Reed. You might not know it, but Stephen has connections to a lot of Titans fans who are totally real and definitely not just completely made up for the purposes of this story. He asked them my questions and these are the answers he got. I cannot stress enough that these are real Titans fans here, not complete fabrications based on caricatures of Titans fans.

The view (at least from me) is that the Titans have been kept alive through a ton of adversity so far this season because they’ve been incredibly well coached. What is the identity that Mike Vrabel is trying to build for this team and what do fans think of the job he’s done so far?

Look, Mike Vrabel is tough. He’s the toughest. We Titans fans saw that coach fight article Stampede Blue put up and couldn’t believe Vrabel wasn’t number one overall. Wait... he was number one? Darn right he is. We just assumed he wasn’t and never read past the title but commented like crazy on it in our fanposts on MCM. But Titans fans love him. He’s basically a beefier, sexier version of Bill Belichick and undoubtedly the best coach in the AFC South. There’s been serious consideration of putting up a statue for him based on his handsomeness and the fact he’ll lead the Titans to a dynasty that never ends. His ability to get this team through the slew of injuries they have suffered makes him worthy of Coach of the Year in and of itself.

Losing one of the most underrated offensive players in the NFL in Delanie Walker had to have been a huge blow. Who on the Titans’ offense has stepped up to take over some of his production?

This one is easy, Marcus Mariota. He’s stepped up in a huge way. Way more than Andrew Luck. We’ve compared the two and Luck clearly isn’t back. It’s like he’s got a Peyton Manning noodle arm! Did you know Mariota can survive barrels of sharks while riding a surfboard? Luck can’t even ski right without getting hurt let alone with shark barrels being dumped on him. Mariota is probably the best QB in the AFC. Better than Luck, Brady, Mahomes and even Brock Osweiller. If the league weren’t completely biased against the Titans, they’d be talking about how Mariota is an elite talent in this league.

The Titans have done an incredible job this season on the defensive side of the ball. What would you say is the weakest point of this defense?

The Titans defense really doesn’t have a weakness. But if I had to pick one, it’s they’re too versatile and tough, just like their coach, future hall of famer, Mike Vrabel. They make too many great plays so it’s really tough to pick a top play of the game. Certainly more than enough to deal with the Dolts and Andrew “Overrated” Luck.

You want to throw the ball? Kevin Byard, Logan Ryan, and Kenny Vaccaro say hello. Feel like running the ball? Meet Jurrell Casey, the best defensive lineman in the NFL. Don’t even talk to me about Aaron Donald.

Some people have said that Malcolm Butler can be a liability, but to that, I say how did he play against the Patriots last week? Scoreboard. In other words, the Dolts are screwed, because this is the best defense in the NFL.

Who is the offensive player you think the Titans will use as a matchup issue against the Colts?

Probably Taylor Lewan. He’s the best offensive lineman in the NFL. He literally gives out a primal scream that terrorizes opponents when he hits them not like that inexperienced rookie Quenton Nelson who fake screams and then edits his videos to sound more impressive. If Lewan and Nelson were to block each other, I’d take Lewan 11 out of 10 times. In fact, I’d take Lewan over Ditka.

If not him, it’ll definitely be a combination of Dion Lewis gashing this bush league Dolts defense and Corey Davis destroying whatever janitors they have playing cornerback this week. He has been called inconsistent, but that was before he torched the Patriots, and he’s going to go off on Sunday now that Mariota can feel his fingers again.

How has the Titans’ rookie class looked so far this season? Is there anyone we might not know that Colts fans should be looking for on Sunday?

The rookie class under the hunk of beautiful man meat Mike Vrabel has been tough, as expected. Even though the Titans had only four draft picks, three of them probably will be Pro Bowlers that will need to be replaced when the Titans crush the Patriots and Chiefs to get to the Super Bowl. Harold Landry would probably be a shoe in for Defensive Rookie of the Year if the league weren’t so biased against the Titans.

Most of the Titans rookies are not known by Dolts fans since they don’t actually pay attention to real football. Playing Landry not in his natural position of 4-3 DE but as a stand up 3-4 OLB will probably surprise some of the more dumber fans. They lack the intelligence to see Vrabel’s master plan. He’s a true chess master while other coaches plays checkers.

First round pick Rashaan Evans is pretty amazing, and even though he only has 14 solo tackles, he definitely looks like a hit for the team. It is probably too early to say he is a lock for the best linebacker from the 2018 draft, but it is likely true.

As I already said, Harold Landry has been amazing as well. The Colts were dumb to pass on him, and they’ll get to see first hand how bad that decision was on Sunday when he owns their offensive line.

I love Mike Vrabel with a burning passion from deep in my loi... Anyways, the Colts suck and probably won’t win another game all season and the Titans will win out. Write that down. Stone cold stunning Vrabel lock of the season.

Thank you to the various Titans fans who again, are totally real and not at all made up, for helping contribute to this week’s Q&A.