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2018 Week 11: Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts 2nd Half Open Thread

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

The Colts have gotten off to an incredible start, with the defense attacking the ball and winning at every phase of the game. A big special teams play by Chester Rogers led to a short field and a score for the offense, and the defense got a takeaway from Quincy Wilson that got the Colts a field goal after Eric Ebron failed to get the pass to Andrew Luck in their own version of the Philly Special.

There have been a few differences in this game than in the past few weeks. T.Y. Hilton and Jack Doyle have been the focal point for the offense, while Matt Eberflus has been dialing up some effective blitzes on 3rd down that have disrupted the Titans’ offense. In addition to a stout defensive performance against the run, the Colts have effectively quieted the Titans offense that dominated the Patriots last week.

A few things haven’t been different though. Darius Leonard forced a fumble, and while it was recovered by the Titans, it ended a drive that the Titans desperately needed and got the ball back in the hands of the Colts. Another thing that hasn’t changed is the Colts’ offensive line play. They’ve kept Luck clean and allowed him to be his usual brilliant self.

The running game has been effective when needed, with Marlon Mack and Jordan Wilkins both getting touchdowns to add to Hilton’s long bomb and closing out the quarter with a 24-3 lead for the Colts. Marcus Mariota looks like he’ll be lucky to finish out the game after going out injured. Now we just need to see the Colts close this game out instead of going flat as they did last week in the second half.