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Colts Cast: Examining the first half of Colts season, standout draft picks w/Stephen Holder

Matt Danely and Stephen Holder go in on the Colts season to this point, the Colts rookie class, Frank Reich and much more

The Indianapolis Colts are now at the midway point in the season and sitting in the middle of their bye week. The Colts now sit at 3-5, but there’s a lot more to the story of the first half of their season than just their actual record.

Today Matt Danely is joined by Stephen Holder to discuss exactly what we’ve seen from this team which is supposed to be in the beginning stages of a rebuild. Matt and Stephen take a look at some of the most recent news involving two of their 2018 draft picks, Quenton Nelson and Darius Leonard, that also happens to involve a couple firsts for the duo.

Also on the docket is a review of the Colts first 8 games, a revisionist look at how some of those games ended, how if a few different situations were just slightly different, the Colts current record would be too. Matt and Stephen look at the rest of the Colts schedule looking at what lies ahead for the team and what even a solid finish to the season would mean for the organization and the fan base.

Speaking of draft picks, the 2018 group as a whole looks to be very intriguing going forward as the Colts clearly filled an important hole with Nelson, but also how the entire second round of picks from Chris Ballard could be phenomenal all the way around.

The two also get into the projection for Tyquan Lewis, who should be back very soon, and what sort of a boost he might give the defensive line. The Colts have very high hopes for him, and Stephen talks about just what sort of a comparison he’s heard in terms of the impact they expect him to have when he cracks the lineup.

Matt and Stephen also touch on the magic that Frank Reich brings to the table when considering his ability to match the skillsets with playcalling as the season has gone forward and what they expect to see from that angle in the second half of the year.

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