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Horseshoes with Holder: The underappreciated aspect of Luck’s comeback; Can the pass rush keep up?

The Indianapolis Colts are sporting a few streaks as they head into their Week 12 matchup with the Miami Dolphins. Today Stephen Holder has a few things to discuss including Andrew Luck, Frank Reich, the Colts’ pass rush and much more. Here is a bit of a rundown of today’s show.

  • Is Andrew Luck playing the best football of his career?
  • Should Luck’s first few games this season be dismissed?
  • Luck’s confidence post surgery in his shoulder, his protection
  • Luck had his own questions in his shoulder early in the season. preseason
  • Colts are getting the big play aspect in to the offense and maintaining efficiency
  • Frank Reich gave us exactly what he said he would with his offense, but that’s not all
  • Is Reich getting enough credit?
  • Reich proved a lot last week by out-scheming Titans defense
  • Reich’s play design is beginning to standout
  • Can Reich do the same to Adam Gase?
  • How will Ryan Kelly’s absence Sunday effect the Colts OL?
  • Colts sticking to running game even when it’s less effective
  • You can’t judge the Colts defensive scheme so early in the process
  • The defense has proven to be a play-making bunch, and hasn’t allowed a ton of big plays either
  • The pass rush now has to match with some consistency
  • Kemoko Turay, Tyquan Lewis and Jabaal Sheard could make a lot of quarterbacks uncomfortable if they get it all together
  • Sheard is the perfect mentor for these young pass rushers; is an underappreciated piece of the pass rush
  • The pass rush has to make an impact down the stretch for the Colts
  • Quincy Wilson deserves credit for seeking out Mike Mitchell to get himself on track
  • Wilson may not be best used as a zone corner; has it been an issue with the scheme change?
  • Wilson is being used judiciously throughout the scheme now

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