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Horseshoes with Holder: The hidden keys to Luck’s 2018 success; the fallout from Jack Doyle’s injury

Stephen Holder is back at it to get you another episode of Horseshoes with Holder before the Indianapolis Colts head to face the Jacksonville Jaguars. Here’s a brief rundown of the topics for today’s show.

  • Andrew Luck earns AFC player of the month
  • Luck is absolutely playing the best football of his career
  • Luck’s ability to work the pocket via insight from QB coach Marcus Brady
  • How the interior protection has helped Luck step up in the pocket
  • Luck is able to read the field without escaping right or left, and may be keeping his INTs to a minimum
  • Luck has earned the ‘elite’ moniker from more than just a few people with this year’s performances
  • Doyle goes to IR with very serious kidney injury
  • What does Jack Doyle’s injury mean for the Colts going forward?
  • Doyle isn’t easily replaceable with all that he provides to the offense
  • Marlon Mack’s concussion issues, and his road back to the field
  • Surprised that Mack has made it back to the field already?
  • Evan Boehm’s performance in Week 12
  • Boehm will get another big test in Jacksonville
  • Revisiting Quincy Wilson and Malik Hooker from 2017 draft class
  • Hooker’s health, scheme change playing a part in his performance this year
  • Colts secondary still isn’t allowing a lot of deep balls
  • Wilson’s facing totally different mentality in zone heavy coverage versus man scheme
  • Wilson is seeing more playing time, is he starting to figure it all out?
  • Blake Bortles gets benched for Cody Kessler for Week 13 matchup
  • Leonard Fournette is also out versus Colts
  • Do these changes help the Jaguars, or the Colts?
  • This is a must win for the Colts

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