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Colts Cast: Colts-Jaguars injury updates; Updated Colts PFF grades

The Indianapolis Colts are preparing for their Week 10 AFC South matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Both teams are sitting at 3-5 and there are drastic differences in each team’s offense as well as their respective defenses.

One of the most interesting situations, that we haven’t had the luxury of with Colts football in the past several years, is the question of how will the coaching assist in the team making a run in the second half of the season. Frank Reich has been excellent so far, but can he continue to do that when the season really gets down to crunch time with a heavy divisional schedule?

Today we’ll go through the latest Colts news including the injury reports for both squads and what they could mean for this weekend’s game. We’ll also go through the updated PFF grades for the Colts which has some very interesting results to discuss.

Andrew Luck has been phenomenal, Darius Leonard is killing it, two rookie offensive linemen are more than holding their own and there’s a major surprise at another spot along the line.

We see some intriguing numbers with the receiver corps as well, and we’ll discuss why each is where they’re at as well as why there are as many as there are on the list. How ‘bout those Colts running backs? Marlon Mack and Nyheim Hines are looking like a legit backfield duo as of late. And, is the secondary being given enough credit, or too much?

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