Good, Bad, and Ugly vs Cowboys


-What can you say about the line, Kelly played like a pro bowler

-Mo Allie Cox is a big time keeper, only better blocker as TE in the NFL may be Jack Doyle

-Colts will be lucky to keep Siranni from the Cardinals etc

-Double team of the explosive Autry led to Lewis sacks, Autry has unusual quickness and is hungry for stardom

-Wilson played his best game as a Colt

-Pierre Desir deserves a contract

-Fantastic pass defense game by Leonard

-best all around game of the season by the Colts

-Frank has got the guys playing at such a high level, maybe Super Bowl level if they get in

-Nelson dominated along with a terrific game by Joe Haeg and Castonzo


-Ebron making a key drop is becoming common, needs to slow down and make routine play. Such a fine player

-Cowboys certainly had a bunch of fans in the dome


-what in the name of Jim Tunny has happened to NFL officiating. The non call of pass interference against Hilton was one of the worst non calls I have ever see

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