Good, Bad, and Ugly


-tremendous defensive effort by the line especially Autry, Sheard, and Lewis

-Kenny Moore continues to look like a #1 corner in progress

-Adams is starting to flash

-great effort by Ebron, was lite up by Jack and others but kept responding


-everyone could see Jags d came to play, why not put points on the board

-Colts had to have another option but to throw Ramsey's way

-Haeg whiffed on some key plays, he is no Jack Doyle

-Luck tooks some massive hits

-why no Wilkins

-no targets to Swoope

-poor risk taking on biggest game of the year

-Boehm exposed


-some of the worst officiating I have seen, including the sack by Adams, taunting on Gibson, pass interference on Grant, out of bounds by Ebron etc

-Jags loved playing spoiler with superior defensive personnel, again take the points

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