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Dark Horses Podcast: Colts-Jaguars; Revisiting matchups to watch; Colts playoff outlook

Just like we all thought, this game was a beatdown. It just wasn’t a beatdown of the team we expected, or the kind we expected. The Jaguars’ defense spent four quarters thoroughly pummeling a Colts offense that had looked borderline unstoppable at home over the past several weeks.

Any time you finish a game without a score it is particularly humbling. The Jaguars’ defense is a good one, and the Colts simply had no answers for them. In today’s podcast we dig into the game briefly and go through the matchups to watch from last week to see how they panned out. Spoiler warning: they didn’t go well.

Then we take a look at the playoff implications of the games that took place this weekend and talk about where the Colts stand in the playoff race and as a team in general.

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