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2018 Week 17: Colts vs. Titans 2nd Half open thread — Closer than it should be

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

In a game that should be far more lopsided, the Colts are leading the Titans 17-10. Unforced errors are all it takes to give away a football game. Andrew Luck threw a ridiculous pass that was intercepted for a touchdown. He had no business throwing the ball on the play. Marlon Mack coughed up the football while the Colts were in the red zone. George Odum was also called for an unnecessary roughness penalty to give the Titans anemic offensive 15 free yards and made it easier for them to hit a field goal to close out the first half.

If the first half stats are any indication, playing sound, mistake free football is the clearest path to a win and playoff berth. Indianapolis will get the ball to start the second half and needs to use half time adjustments to setup a touchdown drive to gain more separation and make life difficult for Blaine Gabbert and the Titans offense.