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Colts OC Nick Sirianni and DC Matt Eberflus receiving interest for open head coaching positions

The Colts have a very bright future ahead of them. This year has shown how quickly they have developed into a competitive roster despite still having a lot of room for improvement in terms of talent. Black Monday has revealed why it is dangerous to get too caught up in waiting for future success, though.

As teams move on from their coaching staffs, they begin that cycle of searching yet again for the coach who will carry the team into the future. Because of the prodigious and unexpected success of the Colts this season, they are faced with the reality that two of their coordinators, defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus and offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni have gathered some consideration as prospective head coaches.

While neither is a shoe in for a head coaching job, this goes to show how quickly a coach’s success can result in a change in staff. The Eagles are a prime example of the impact that can have on a team. Their season has suffered for many reasons, but the loss of Frank Reich and John DeFilippo almost certainly played a role in the offenses’ regression.

With the Jets, Dolphins, Broncos, Buccaneers, Bengals, Packers, Cardinals, and Browns all looking for head coaches, the chances this year that the Colts could lose one or both of their coordinators certainly exists. As with players, there are no guarantees for how the season plays out and the loss of a player or a coach has an impact on teams that is always tough to measure in a clean way.

What the Colts have been able to do with this group of coaches and players has been impressive and hopefully we are several more games from the end of this ride. The loss of a member of this staff might be able to be negated by the replacement of someone else who fits well into the culture and scheme this team has worked to form. There are just simply no guarantees that it works out that way.

Regardless, with two of their coordinators getting looks for head coaching positions it is undeniable that the Colts need to begin to groom replacements in their ranks for that inevitable point when they lose one of their own. If Eberflus and Sirianni return next year, it is likely only a matter of time before they find themselves leaving for a head coaching position. That speaks well for the organization, but also helps lend some credence to the need for an urgency for this team to make the most of their current opportunity and something happen now.