Good, Bad, and Ugly vs Houston


-Colts are still in the conversation after huge divisional win

-Another marvelous game by Luck

-Hilton has another huge day vs Houston

-Autry has the look of a pro bowler projected over injury free season

-Pascal has best game as a pro

-Andrews looked shaky on sack by Watt but held up as did Boehm

-fantastic pass defensed by Leonard on Hopkins, can do it all

-great game by Kenny Moore

-Chester looked better and better on punts


-you begin to wonder about Stewart over Ridgway after key penalties

-Ebron made some great plays but you begin to see inconsistency

-Good to see them back late but big concern about Hilton and Glowinski injury wise with available depth

-would love to see a consistent ground game with the 6 lineman and Hewitt package

-Swope does not have the same movement as earlier in the year


-you have to wonder what Luck would be like with a Hopkins (or Wayne, Harrison, Stokley) opposite Hilton

-Colts miss Doyle bad, maybe a pass to Haeg to keep them honest

-Dallas and the Giants both look tough

-after several 3 and outs they went with Hines and moved the ball

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