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Frank Reich Reportedly Front-Runner for the Colts Head Coaching Job

Philadelphia Eagles v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

It looks like the Colts are moving closer to making their hire at the head coach position, and it appears they want a Super Bowl Champion to fill that role. Frank Reich is now being reported by Chris Mortenson and Adam Schefter as the front-runner to be hired by the Colts to take over.

Reich has spent time coaching at multiple stops around the league, including for the Colts back during the latter part of the Manning Era. His work with the Eagles no doubt played a role in their success and he at least partially deserves credit for Carson Wentz’ emergence as an MVP candidate this season before his injury as well helping craft an offense that catered to Nick Foles and helped win them a Super Bowl.

Chris Ballard is clearly taking no chances this go around for interviews after the McDaniels debacle. Adam Schefter reported that Reich spent approximately ten hours interviewing with Ballard on Friday. This kind of a marathon interview is tough to imagine going through, but we know that Ballard is thorough, and there is no doubt he wants to get this absolutely right to move forward successfully.

Reich fits the kind of person you would expect Chris Ballard to like, a coach who has high character, a history of success on the offensive side of the football, and the history of a leader. As a quarterback, Reich holds the distinction of having orchestrated “the Comeback,” where he led the Bills back from a 32-point deficit to defeat the Houston Oilers in the wildcard round of the 1993 playoffs.

He has spent time as a pastor and is a motivational speaker, both roles which require being able to communicate clearly and effectively and to guide and lead others. Those skills don’t speak specifically to football, but to his character as a person and those qualities will be valuable when paired with his substantial football experience.

Colts fans will be anxious to get this hiring in the books but don’t expect it to happen before the contract is signed.