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Colts Officially Announce Frank Reich as New Head Coach

Frank Reich has been officially named the Indianapolis Colts next head coach

Indianapolis Colts v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

We’ve been here before it seems. Now, however, it appears as though the Indianapolis Colts truly, officially, have themselves their next head coach. Frank Reich had been reportedly finalizing the contract to seal the deal and now the organization has released the news that they are indeed hiring him to lead the Colts into the 2018 season.

Reich was the fans choice to get the nod with Dan Campbell and Leslie Frazier — both defensive minded coaches — being the only other reported candidates this time around. We, as fans, can also presume that with the fiasco that occurred recently with McDan.. — I’m tire of saying his name to be perfectly honest — that the Colts have likely fallen into a better option for the job.

Reich has a past with the Colts as an offensive assistant between 2009-11, received excellent reviews from Peyton Manning, and was actually a quarterback in the NFL completing a couple of the most impressive comebacks in league history. His offense will be a fun one to delve into as free agency and the draft inch closer.

And in case you needed it.. Proof!