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Live Colts Cast: What We Can Expect From New Colts Head Coach Frank Reich

Matt Danely and Andrew Aziz go live to discuss the Colts hiring of new head coach Frank Reich and more. Michael Kist of BGN Radio also makes an appearance to lend specifics about what to expect from his offensive approach.

Tonight Andrew Aziz joins me as we go live to discuss the Indianapolis Colts hiring of new head coach Frank Reich. Michael Kist of BGN Radio will also join us to relay what we can expect from him as the leader of the team.

We aim to learn how the offense may work and have Michael answer some questions as to how play-calling duties may be delegated and to learn about what his role was with the Eagles offense on game day, and weekly preparation looked like.

Andrew and I will also look at the Colts roster on the defensive side of the ball and what the move to 4-3 may mean for some of the roles within the new scheme, and who may be on the outside looking in.

As usual, we’ll take listener calls and answer questions as they come in whether it be about anything above, free agency or the NFL draft. We’ll be going live at 10:30 ET and the number to call in is (929) 477-3993. Talk to you then.

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