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Colts Cast: Dissecting Frank Reich’s Introductory Presser | Colts Fans Finally Got Their Guy

Indianapolis Colts new head coach Frank Reich displayed his passion and aggressive approach to the job that awaits him and worked up the fan base in his introductory press conference.

Frank Reich took the podium for the first time as the Indianapolis Colts head coach and the response to his vision has been very impressive. It would have been very easy for Colts fans to be unimpressed with the hire of Reich, and some were initially anyhow. But, once he laid out his approach to the job in his introductory presser, it may be far more difficult to find reasonable people who are still riding the fence.

Reich described how he shut off the outside world while preparing for the Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles, he touched on Andrew Luck, sounded very similar to exactly what Chris Ballard said he wanted from a head coach when this process originally began, as well as how Bill Polian saw something special in him as early as after his rookie year in the league.

He spoke about how collaboration is key to success from not only the players and coaches, but between himself and Ballard, he speaks about how the play-calling will be handled, his preparation and what he sees in one of his coordinators in limited interaction. Reich knocked this out of the park and while the press conference doesn’t lead to wins on the field, he certainly worked up the fan base and those in attendance with his evident passion and approach to the job that sits ahead of him.

Additionally, Reich may have left the best for last as he talks about how the Colts new-look offense will attack opposing defenses. I break down all of the pertinent pieces of his introductory presser, and offer my own excitement to what lies ahead.

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