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Colts Cast: Mulling Over Colts No. 3 Overall Pick | Free Agent Targets Pertinent for Rebuild

After sifting through the Indianapolis Colts latest news, I go in on the team’s No. 3 overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. Being that free agency hasn’t kicked off yet, it’s so difficult to discern what the Colts must do with the pick. I go over thoughts on holding onto the pick, as well trying to figure out if the Colts could forgive themselves if they missed on their top choice if they did trade back.

I also go into free agency and some of the potential targets the Colts should consider. I have a few favorites of my own, and also make the case for acquiring more short term role players who fit the scheme and can help bridge the transition.

With the immense amount of possibilities you could literally fall on either side of any argument and still have some semblance of a solid approach.

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