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Andrew Luck on Additional Surgery: “that is not an option... that ship has sailed”

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Tuesday night the Indianapolis Colts had a town hall meeting hosted by Sports Illustrated’s own Peter King. King’s weekly Monday Morning Quarterback article is one of my must reads and he didn’t disappoint tonight asking great, well-formed questions and even going over his time by more than 30 minutes.

King conducted interviews with many members of the Colts and he managed to lock down a one-on-one with none other than Andrew Luck. Luck joined via video, as one would assume he is in California working with a throwing coach. King wasted no time asking the Bearded One how he was doing, he asked if Luck was throwing, if additional surgery is a possibility and Andrew Luck responded, showing emotion, I don’t know that I’ve seen him show for a long time.

He seems happy. He seems excited. This is is the full exchange about additional surgery from

King: Is it unlikely, or are you unsure, whether any more surgery’s on the horizon?

Luck: “Oh, that is not an option for me right now. I feel very, very good about where I am. So that ship has sailed, in my mind, which is also a bit of a relief — I’m not going to lie.”

One thing that I can’t fully convey with the written word, is the way he sounded when he gave that answer. King went on to ask about Josh McDaniels, Frank Reich and his offense and how hard it has been for him to not play football for the past year. Luck’s answers to these questions were music to Colts fans ears.

Twitter is going to be aflutter with conspiracy theorists who cite the timing of this interview which just so happens to coincide with 2018 season ticket sales that begin in less than a week.

I get it.

If you want to blame the organization for “lying” about Luck, you’re going to point to this and claim that Jim Irsay needs to sell his tickets, but the thing is, Andrew Luck isn’t that good of an actor. He just isn’t. He isn’t in California taking acting classes, he’s rehabbing his throwing shoulder and the guy is almost giddy at the prospect of playing football again.

This is one that you need to see for yourself to get a feel for how, more than just what Andrew Luck was saying. The interview goes on for a little less than 9 minutes and if you’re a fan of the Colts, this is a must see: