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Live Colts Cast: Colts Week in Review; Combine Look-Ahead; Listener Call-Ins

After a week off from the show, we are back and getting right into everything that we have yet to spout off about. One of Stampede Blue’s newest team members, Blake Pace, will join Matt Danely tonight to take your calls, discuss Andrew Luck and what his outlook may be as well as Chris Ballard passing on bringing in Marcus Peters.

We’ll also jump into the draft and free agency and how one affects the other. We’ll discuss the Colts realistic chances to trade back versus the risk they’ll be taking on. And most importantly, we’ll be talking about whatever you bring up when you call in.

You can call in — (929) 477-3993 — anytime after 10:30 ET to get your questions in, but we will be discussing the latest news before we get into any calls.

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