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No way to be sure if Josh McDaniels will attend the Combine

Indianapolis Colts Introduce Frank Reich Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

After what has been a long wait for teams who did not make the NFL playoffs, the Combine arrives in Indianapolis today. This is the first chance for an NFL function that may have some relevance for teams and fans as they look forward to next season. Insider Ian Rapaport reported that former Colts head coaching candidate Josh McDaniels will not be making the trip to Indianapolis for the event.

While this has been “standard procedure” for the Patriots after late playoff runs over the years, it would make sense for McDaniels to be in attendance considering that his team will likely be targeting a quarterback in the daft. Then again, it seems like a pretty smart decision for McDaniels to avoid the area as I imagine he would receive a pretty chilly reception in the city.

Of course, McDaniels has a history of not making the best decisions and also for not sticking to his plans so fans around the league have had a great time at his expense. Would anyone really be surprised with a follow-up announcement that he now does intend to join the Patriots at the NFL Combine? I’m pretty sure he didn’t sign anything.

Enjoy some of the entertaining Tweets from fans who responded to this news. I’m guessing this type of thing will not stop anytime in the near future.